Why is webp to PNG being used?

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Why is webp to PNG being used?
WebP is a special type of image format created by Google to make online images less bulky. A smaller size of image will download the website page faster hence the user experience will improve. There is a significant reduction in photo and graphics size to make images smaller to load the webpage time faster. The size of webP image is smaller than PNG and JPEG whereas PNG is an image file that stands for Portable Network Graphic, very famous among web designers. Graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds can be easily handled by PNG. PNG is a very supportive file and can be opened in any image editing software tool without the need of licensing. Although webp is a modern, efficient and widely applicable image format, it is still new for some browsers and applications therefore the need of WEBP to PNG conversion is required. The very famous online tool provides a high quality conversion of web file to png

WEBP to PNG Conversion Need

The conversion of webp to png is needed for several reasons:


The most accurate and obvious reason for conversion of webp to png is that the file format png is more compatible with applications. WebP is a new image format that offers superior compression and smaller file size as compared to JPEG. but not all web browsers and image viewers support webp therefore the conversion of webp to png is must. PNG is a widely supported format with a wide range of devices and platforms.

2.Lossless conversion

It is important in conversion that the quality of image is not lost during conversion. Therefore a webptopng.xyz is a reliable source to convert WebP to PNG file. A lossless conversion of file is necessary for graphic designing and professional photography. Original images need to be retained in the highest quality. 


If transparency is needed in an image then PNG is the best choice. PNG supports transparency with high quality which makes it suitable for images with transparent background or semi-transparent elements. Conversion of WebP to PNG ensures transparency is preserved without the loss of quality.


4.For Editing Purpose

PNG is a widely used format in graphic designing and it is also used on webpages but the size of image is a bit larger than webp. PNG files can be edited using image software tools. The advantage of converting webp to PNG is that PNG can be edited, manipulated or enhanced using famous image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

5.Online Sharing

PNG is a more common image format supported by various social media platforms whereas webp does not support. When sharing images from the web to other platforms a conversion is required. Converting WEBP to PNG is beneficial so that the image is viewable by the widest possible audience. 


No doubt the webp image format is specifically used for posting images for websites so that it has faster loading time. But still the need of webP to PNG conversion is required to consider specific use cases, editing purpose and compatibility needs.


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